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'It truly transformed the entire home and feel of the place...'

'I was seeking advice for an interior paint colour (because there are so many!) and Justine was amazing at helping to select the best colour for our space - it truly transformed the entire home and the feel of the place.  I highly recommend anybody who is feeling a little lost or just wanting some advice to consult with Justine.  She is lovely, skilled and very easy to talk to!'

- Rheann, Grovedale



'I honestly thought interior designers were only for wealthy people. I was totally wrong. Justine had really practical solutions for using what I already had to its best advantage. She used themes that the kids loved in their rooms and her ideas actually saved me money. After her visit she set up a Pinterest board for me with some suggestions of furniture items and I’ve used a lot of them. Things are really coming together. I wish I had consulted Justine years ago.'

-Kathleen, Belmont

'Justine has been an absolute marvel in helping us navigate our colour choices for our renovation! One of us is colour blind and the other is unsure, so she was the perfect choice in getting us sorted!

She had the most amazing array of colours to choose from - so many more than those offered in big hardware stores or paint shops.

If possible, she was even more excited about our renovation than we were and visited us on site to test out big colour patches in situ.

Justine has provided us with SO many other ideas for design and decorating, guiding us through the myriad of choices for lights, fabrics, carpets and more.

Couldn’t recommend her more highly, and VERY reasonably priced.'

- Lindy, Thornbury

'5 years ago, you came to the home here we had just purchased and gave me advice on paint colours to repaint the interior. I could hug you every day! The result is, in my books, perfection. Could not be happier. I would love it if you could help us now with colour advice for our home’s exterior.'

-Debbie, Highton

'Justine walked inside my house and in one hour she had suggested fabulous decorating ideas which I am excited to say I am implementing. Thank you Justine for your expertise. You were sensational!'

-Jan, Lara

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